Thermoformed Plastic Pots

Thermoformed Shuttle PotsThermoformed Plastic Pots feature a lightweight design for greater cost efficiency.  Engineered for durability and stability, these flower pots have a sturdy rim and shoulder for quick de-nesting and dispensing.  Sized to fit existing trays for quick compatibility with your current system.  Dual-level drain holes and footed bottom designs offers better drainage and easy plant removal.

Item # Product DescriptionDiameter (Inches)Height (Inches)Volume (US)Volume (Liters)Units/CaseCases/PalletUnits/Pallet
INAP9L3-1/2" Short 3.542.560.53 pt0.254,260834,080
INAP9H3-1/2" Tall 3.542.830.63 pt0.34,200833,600
INAP9.53-3/4" 3.743.070.8 pt0.383,808830,464
INAP10.5L4" Short pt0.4652,604820,832
INAP10.5H4" Tall 4.133.621.11 pt0.5252,520820,160
INAP114-1/3" 4.333.741.18 pt0.563,840830,720
INAP12L4-3/4" Short 4.723.351.31 pt0.622,343818,744
INAP12H4-3/4" Tall 4.723.780.75 qt0.712,112816,896
INAP135" Short 5.113.780.9 qt0.851,595813,456
INAP1LT5" Tall qt11,595812,760
INAP14H5-1/2" Tall 5.514.961.375 qt1.31,725813,800
INAP2LT6-7/10" Short6.705.22.115 qt25,12515,125
INAP25LT6-7/10" Trade Gallon6.705.982.64 qt2.55,33015,330
INAP3L7-1/2" Short 7.485.983.17 qt34,12514,125
INAP3.5L7-1/2" Tall 7.486.693.695 qt3.53,30013,300