Black Nursery Containers

Black Nursery Containers

Our line of plastic injection molded nursery containers are made with thick, high-density walls and handles.  Our thick walled pots last longer and protect your investment against the elements.  Thick walled containers give your plant’s roots insulation during cold weather and protect against sun penetration.  Our sturdy black containers save money on shipping costs by giving you the ability to stack plants higher. Some sizes are available in green and terracotta.

BPA Free – Sizes up to #20

Item #Product DescriptionTop OD
Top ID
(US gallon)
Per StackPallet Count
2612Little Polycan4-1/443-1/20.1411,250
2610Welsh Pot6-3/8650.44,000
2608No. 1 Deep6-3/8670.74503500
2604No. 1 Deep - Special Bottom6-3/8670.74502700
2625No. 2 Squat8-1/47-3/46-1/21.17251025
2222No. 2 Deep8-3/87-7/88-1/41.56251400
3333No. 3 Squat10-1/29-7/882.38251025
2630No. 3 Deep10-3/89-3/49-1/82.8325700
2649No. 5 Tub13-3/812-1/894.125775
2644No. 5 Squat12-1/211-1/2104.1615405
2639No. 5 Deep11-1/410-1/4124.0815330
NS13x9No. 6 Squat1312-1/494.1425775
2665No. 7 Squat14139-3/45.0315270/420
2654No. 7 Deep14-1/41311-3/86.0415270/420
2685No. 10 Squat17-3/815-1/211-1/28.9115240
2694No. 15 Squat1917151225360
2693No. 15 Squat (Heavy Duty)17-3/4161512.215190
2695No. 20 Squat2219-3/416-3/419.520200

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