Propagation/Seed Starters

Propagation Cell Trays

May 27, 2014
Cell Trays

  Propagation Cell Trays are Thermoformed for durability, while remaining economical and affordable.  They are manufactured for integration with seedling and transplanting equipment.  Drainage holes feature identical holes for consistent drainage.  Engineered for de-nesting to help save time during production.

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Flats and Trays

July 9, 2013
Flats & Trays

Injection molded flats and trays are designed for added durability and reuse.  Many trays bend and break, our rigid durability has been trusted for over 50 years!  Many different sizes are available.  These flats and trays are designed to work with our bands and square greenhouse pots.  Available in black and green. Superior Strength  

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