Local, Sustainable Fertilizer That Helps Protect our Streams and our Earth

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Portland, OR –After years of testing and development, Clean Water Services, in partnership with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Systems—based in Vancouver, BC—have created an amazing plant food that allows Clean Water Services to recover Phosphorus from their facility, without mining, to create a truly sustainable, slow-release, all-purpose fertilizer blend, GROW.

GROW’s primary ingredient, Crystal Green, has been recognized by the Audubon Society as being safer for our water, fish and wildlife.

Perfectly balanced for shrubs, trees, vegetables, flowers and houseplants, it’s easy to use. Just one tablespoon per square foot of soil is enough to feed your plants for up to six months. Phosphorus leaching is the leading cause of algae blooms in lakes and streams, often referred to as dead zones. These dead zones are very harmful to fish, wildlife, and our ecosystem. BUT plants need phosphorus to establish healthy root systems, optimal fruiting and flowering, and disease resistance. Fertilizers, labeled organic or not, leach most of the Phosphorous after just one watering, but not GROW. Due to GROW’s slow release formula, the plant is fed Phosphorous on a slow and steady diet that is plant activated, which is why the Phosphorus does not leach into our waterways. This process is fantastic for the plant and beneficial to our ecosystem.

“Clean Water Grow met or surpassed our performance expectations and, in some cases, delivered twice as much growth than before” said Joni Esposito, Business Operations Manager at Scholls Valley Native Nursery, after their research testing of Clean Water Grow in 2014. GROW is local, sustainable, responsible, and best of all, plants love it! Portland Oregon’s Nursery Hub, the direct source of professional grade products for commercial growers and retailers alike, has been selected to distribute this exciting new product, produced right here in Oregon.

Clean Water GROW is now available at Portland Nursery, Al’s Garden Center, True Value, Ace Hardware, Thriftway, Market of Choice and other fine retailers. Please join our mission to keep our waterways safe one plant at a time. Simply Use GROW, your plants will be glad you did.


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