A Simple Way to to get Larger Yields for your Home Garden

You are what you eat, so be careful not to eat fast, cheap, or fake. In these times of convenient, mass produced foods, the understanding of what we put in our bodies has never been more important. We have to educate ourselves and be able to avoid genetically modified organisms or GMOs and foods grown in genetically modified crops. The necessity and desire for organic fruits and vegetables is at an all time high. True to the basic laws of supply and demand, the increased desire for healthy organics has driven the cost of acquiring them way up.

So, as a result, home gardening and more specifically food gardening is more popular than ever. The goal of all home gardeners is to grow the healthiest plants and reap the largest yields. Maximizing yields is of utmost importance in order to feed our families more affordably.

There is an easy way to increase the amount of food you are harvesting by over 30% with one extra simple step during the blooming season of your plants. The way to do it is by automating the process of pollination with the VegiBee Sonic Garden Pollinator. The VegiBee is ideal for use on tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas and eggplant.

VegiBee Garden Pollinators are designed to imitate the high frequency vibrations made by a bee’s wings during pollination. They create sonic vibrations that gently release pollen from the flower onto a specially designed collection spoon. In a matter of seconds, enough pollen is collected to pollinate 4-5 flowers by dipping the flower stigma into the collected pollen, on the same plant. The pollinators will boost the average garden yield by more than 30% annually.

Nursery Hub brings you the best gardening products that are also used by the professionals. In the last few months we have released the “Mini Farm” a self contained, professional growing unit and now carry the revolutionary VegiBee that is guaranteed to increase your food crop yield by over 30%. Please visit Nursery Hub often to see our growing line of products that the professionals are using, read our blogs and view our most current product offerings.



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