Some pots are made for shipping, Anderson Pots are made for growing…

Anderson Pots - Made in Portland, OR Since 1954

The nursery industry has become very cut-throat with the rise of big box stores, many wholesale growers are quoting at 1980’s pricing, which has forced a lot of manufacturers to follow suit.  We sometimes forget, that plastic costs are directly related to the price of oil.   Most plastic-Injection molding companies are using less material and stacking more per pallet, to gain an edge over their competition, using a win-win strategy, growers can use less soil and pay less freight on their containers to keep their costs lower.  The taper on pots have become so great that retailers, garden centers, and consumers have started to take notice.  Straighter walled containers offer better stability reducing blow over and an overall healthier plant.

Anderson Pots started making plastic-injection molded greenhouse and nursery containers in 1954.  Pacific Northwest Nurserymen came together with the founder of Anderson Die and Manufacturing, George Anderson, to design containers that optimize root growth and plant health for the consumers.  Today, Anderson Pots stands tall and uses the very same standards.  Wider container bottoms not only produce better root growth and provide more stability for the plant, the added soil volume on the bottom helps hold moisture better and requires less frequent watering.

Anderson Pots use a win-win-win strategy, with their new black recycled plastic nursery and greenhouse containers.  Better pot, better plant, happy consumer.

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